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Rose William Lobb.

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Perennials, trees, shrubs and grasses  

Acanthus mollis   Bears Breeches, Around for centuries, grown in the Roman garden and introduced by them but thought to be re-introduced in 1548. Depicted around Corinthian columns  in ancient Greece and Rome. Large glossy cut leaves and thick spikes of hooded greeny-purple flowers. Give plenty of space. H.P. £6.95

Alchemilla mollis     Old cottage garden favourite. Pleated leaves unfold from rounded clumps. Green-yellow flowers. Good for edges. Introduced from Turkey 1874   H.P. £3.95

Angelica gigas    Tall attractive plant with deep purple rounded flowerheads.   H.P £4.95

Aralia spinosa    Aralia spinosa    Devil's walking stick    Introduced in 1688 from N. America. A heavily spined, suckering tree with pinnate leaves & lovely green-white flowers.   H.T.  £7.50         

Artemisia  'Canescens'     ghost artemisia     Curious ghostly fine sliver foliage. Lovely effect.   H.S.  £4.95  

Artemisia from Taiwan  Bright green soft hair-like foliage similar to A.abrotanum but larger and greener, aromatic, small greeny-yellow flowers. Scarce.  ,H.S. £5.95

Astilbe grandis    Lovely species with large leaves and fluffy cream flowers.   H.P £5.95

Astelia ‘Red Devil’ Dark maroon-red  sword-like leaves with silver undersides. Handsome foliage plant, good in ornamental pots. 2ft. H.P. £9.50

Barbarea vulgaris  'Variegata'    Variegated land cress. Bright and cheerful.   H.P. £3.95

Bergenia  'Abendglut'    Foliage turns deep red. Deep pink flowers.   H.P. £4.95

Bergenia cordifolia     Elephant's ears.     Large leaves, pink flowers, strong grower.   H.P. £4.50

Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’ Lovely perennial with showy leaves marked with silver frosting, forget-me-not blue flowers. £5.95

Buddleja davidii ‘Corinne Tremaine’  Our own cultivar. Unusual beige-mauve flower-heads. H.S. £8.95

Buddleja lindleyana  Introduced from China in 1843. Med sized shrub with arched branches, racemes of purple-violet flowers. Very beautiful. H.S. £9.50

Buddleja salviifolia    Lovely species, soft grey leaves and lilac flowers. Sheltered position. Introduced from S.Africa in 17   Medium sized shrub. H.S. £8.95                                   

Caltha polypetala     Giant marsh marigold, large leaves and flowers.  Moist soil H.P.   £5.95

Campanula rigidipila  Rare perennial from Ethiopia, hairy grey-green foliage with 2ft spikes of bearded blue spikes.  H.P. £6.95

Campanula trachelium  Nettle leaved bellfower. Lovely blue spikes. Also known as Bats in the Belfry. Native grown in gardens since 16thC. H.P.  £3.95

Campanula trachelium vr. alba    White, nettle-leaved bellfower.   H.P.  £3.95

Carex comans ‘Bronze’    Low growing evergreen grass. Bronzy foliage.  H.P.  £3.95

Chaenomeles cathayensis    Uncommon species, enormous fruits.  From China introduced about1800. £8.95

Cheiranthus Harpur Crewe. Grown since the 16th C. Pretty double yellow flowers, makes a small shrub. Now scarce. £8.95          

Convallaria majalis ‘Albostriata’ The golden variegated lily of the valley. H.P. £7.50

Crinodendron hookeranum Beautful shrub or small tree. Often referred to as the Lantern Tree. Dark green leathery leaves and red lantern- like flowers. Introduced by William Lobb in 1848 H.S.  £8.95

Cyclamen repandrum     Marbled foliage, deep pink flowers. Ideal for naturalizing under trees. Sheltered spot preferred.   H.P.  £6.95

Dahlia  War Of The Roses. Very old variety. Red and white pompom flower heads.  Scarce, rarely offered. £8.95

Decaisnea fargesii   The sausage tree. Pinnate foliage, dynamic electric-blue seed pods. Small tree up to 9’. I. 1895 


                                      HERITAGE PINKS


       BRIDAL VEIL' 17th century. Double white flowers flecked with crimson, good scent. £5.95

       ' COCKENZIE'   The Montrose pink thought to date from 1720. Scented pinky-red fringed flowers with a plum                  

          coloured centre. £5.95

       ' ELIZABETHAN'    Thought to be 1700.  Single white with burgundy towards the centre. Lovely scent  Sold out             ‘      

        ' FAIR FOLLY'   Small fringed pink flowers with good scent. £5.95

   INCHMERY' 17th C. Strongly scented double shell pink flowers. £5.95

    'LACED MONARCH. 1972    12" high. Free flowering loose double rich pink flowers with chestnut lacing. Strong 

     clove scent.     £5.95  


    'LANCING SUPREME  1949   Very pretty semi double pink blooms edged in deep pink and a deeper pink middle.

       Lovely scent.   £5.95

    'MESSINESS PINK'  Pre 1933.  Very pretty salmony-pink double, good scent.  £5.95

         'MUSGRAVES PINK'   1730  pretty white single with yellowish middle. Tethered  edge petals. Clove scented.       


         'OLD SQUARE EYES'  age unknown.  A single pale pink with a squarish marking in deeper pink from the centre to        

         half way up the petals. Also darker pink on the fringing around the edge. £5.95

         'PHEASANT'S EYE'   Late 17th C.  Pre1600.  Semi-double white fringed flowers with a dark red centre, strong     

          scent. £5.95.  SOLD OUT      

        QUEEN OF SHEBA'  17th C. Single white bloom with lacing and flecks in magenta pink. £5.95                                             

        'ROSE DE MAI'  1820s  Pretty fully double pink blooms with lovely fragrance.  £5.95






 Diarama pulcherium Angels fishing rod, Beautiful perennial with arching stems which droop and sway carrying     their pretty lilac-pink bell-like flowers. Tall growing, look lovely by a pond. H.P. £6.95

Eleutherococcus sieboldianus  'Variegatus'     Lovely shrub with pale green-grey leaves with white variegations. White     flowers.   H.S. £8.95

Eryngium agavifolium    Tropical looking toothed sword-like leaves, tall thick stems carry green-white thimbles. Showy. Moist or dry site.    H.P  £5.95

Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’. Lovely perennial wallflower, long flowering. H.S.

Euphorbia dulcis  'Chameleon'    Lovely coloured smoky red leaves and bracts with small yellow flowers. Fine bushy growth. 2'.   H.P.  £4.95

Euphorbia mellifera     Almost extinct in the wild. Tall growing, light green foliage and honey-scented golden flowers with brown glands. Shrubby evergreen. Warm site preferred.    H.S £6.95

Ficus carica ‘Brown Turkey’ The fig was brought here by the Romans, this variety is very hardy and has brown to violet fruits with a  sweet flavour H.P. £7.95

Francoa appendiculata  Nice lobed dark green foliage and lots of spikes of pink flowers with a darker spot. H.P. £4.95

Fritillaria meleagris     Snakeshead fritillary.     Native. Flowers are like checkered bells. Grown since Medieval times, popular in flowery meads. £4.95   

Galanthus nivalis ‘Flore Pleno’    Double form the above. Popular Victorian plant.   H.P. £4.95

Geranium macrorrhizum  'Bevan's Variety'     Aromatic foliage and vivid pink flowers.   H.P.  £3.95     

Geranium phaeum  'Lily Lovell'    Unusual dusky purple. Shade tolerant.   H.P. £4.95

Geranium sanguineum ‘Album’ The white bloody cranesbill. Low growing. H.P.  £4.95

Geum rivale  'Album'    White water avens.   H.P. £4.95  

Glyceria maxima var. variegata    Attractive cream striped grass. Likes moist soil.   H.P. £3.95 

Haloragis ‘Wellington Bronze’    Bronze leaves, yellow-green flowers..   H.P.   £3.95

Hebe ‘Bosscawenii’. Small shrub with pretty lilac-pink flowers. £5.

Hemerocallis ‘Kwanso Variegated’    Arrived in 1864 from Japan. Cream striped leaves, double orange flowers. Beautiful plants. H.P. £6.95  

Hieracium villosum     Soft silvery hairy foliage and yellow daises.   H.P. £4.95   

Hosta  'Frances Williams'    Beautiful Hosta with large blue fleshy leaves with yellowish margins. Lavender coloured flower spikes.   H.P.  £6.95

Houttuynia cordata  'Chameleon'     Tangerine scented leaves in bright red, green, pink & cream. Ideal for moist soil with some shade.   H.P.  £3.95

Humulus lupulus Aureus The golden hop. Good for arbours, needs plenty of room to scramble. H.C.  £6.95  

Hydrangea Quecifolia. Introduced from S.E. U.States in 1803. Large oak-like leaves with good autumnal colouring, attractive white flowerheads. Medium sized shrub. H.S.  £8.95

Indigofera potaninii     Pretty shrub with bright pink pea-like flowers, pinnate foliage.  Introduced from  N W China in 1925  H.S. £6.95  Spring.  

Inula magnifica     Dynamic perennial, enormous leaves and huge tall yellow shaggy daises, the petals like golden threads. 7'.   H.P.  £7.95

Iris pseudoacorus  'Variegata'     Variegated flag iris. Yellow scented heads. Tall growing, foliage with yellow striped variegation. Will thrive in shallow water or moist soil.    H.P. £5.95

Iris sibirica    For shallow water or moist soil. Narrow leaves with bluish-violet flowers.   H.P. £4.95

Jasminum parkerii  shrub with yellow flowers.  H.S. £5.95

Lactuca perennis    Beautiful wild flower, blue-mauve flowers. Medium-tall.   H.P.  £4.9

Lamium galeobdolon   'Florentinum'    Leaves with silver streaking, yellow flowers. Good ground cover, long trailing stems.  H.P. £3.95

Lamium orvala     Lovely species, tall clumps with showy wine coloured flowers.    H.P.  £6.95

Lamium orvala ‘Album’ as above with white flowers. H.P. £6.95

Lathyrus latifolius   deep pink    Cultivated since the C15th. Climber.   H.P. £4.95  

Leucojum verum    Spring snowflake.    White bells tipped green. Widely naturalized from Europe. Grown since the late 16th.C  £4.95                                                                                               

Libertia formosa      Lovely clump forming perennial. Evergreen iris-like foliage and stiff spikes of showy white flowers.  H.P.  £6.95

Libertia ixiodes ‘Goldfinger’ Nice bright gold banded leaves, good winter colour also, small white flowers. 18” H.P. £8.95     

Lychnis coronaria    Grown since the 14th Century. Rich magenta flowers over a silver leaved rosette. H.P. £4.95

Lychnis coronaria alba    The white rose campion. Grown since the 16th Century.   H.P. £4.95

Lysimachia ciliata ‘Firecracker’ Maroon-red leaves forming large patches, good in a large perennial border, yellow flowers. Med height. H.P.  £5.95

Lysimachia numularia  Creeping Jenny. Ground cover, masses of yellow flowers.  H.P.  £2.95

Lysimachia punctata ‘Alexander’ Upright perennial leaves attractively variegated in cream, pink and pale green, yellow flowers. H.P. £5.95

Melianthus major  Large showy  exotic perennial with silver-grey cut foliage and strong stems of brown-crimson. From S.Africa where here nectar drinking birds such as the Cape White eye and the Lesser double collared sunbird perch and pollinate. Also the africans use the  leaves as a poultice for wounds and bruises, backache and arthritic joints. Grows to about 3m. Give a sheltered spot. H.P. £7.95

Olearia traversii    Introduced 1887. Broad leathery leaves, white felted undersides. Shrub to 6m. Ideal maritime plant.   H.P. 

Olearia virgata ’Laxifolia’    Dense shrub, long, thin, narrow leaves of silvery-green with whitish undersides. Ideal maritime plant.   H.P.  £8.95

Olearia virgata lineata  attractive shrub with slender angular branches, tiny leaves almost black. Effective in a mixed border. H.S. £8.95

Papaver pilosum subsp. Spicatum   Rare and beautiful poppy wit h apricot flowers on 18” stems above hairy foliage. H.P. £6.95

Peltiphyllum peltatum     Umbrella plant.     Native to California. Tall stout leaves, similar to Gunnera foliage but , pink            flowers on naked stems appear before the leaves emerge. Moist soil. Large plants. H.P.  £6.95   

Petasites fragrans    Large spreading leaves cherry scented flowers.   H.P.  £4.95                                                                                                      Phlomis russelliana     Native of Turkey, good ground cover and spikes of yellow whorls up the stems   H.P. £4.95

Pilosella aurantiaca     Orange hawkweed; fox and cubs.    Old cottage garden plant, grows wild but Generally a garden escape. Bright orange daises over spreading foliage.    H.P.  £3.95   

Plantago major  'Rosularis'    Rose plantain    striking leafy growths, like little green flowers. Grown since the 17th Century.   H.P.   £6.95

Plantago major     'Rubrifolia'     Attractive red foliage. A late 19th Century plant.   H.P.   £4.95

Polygonatum × hybridum ‘Flore Pleno’    The very rare double Solomon’s seal. White with green tips. Short supply so one only per order.   H.P. £9.50

Polygonatum multiflorum    Common Solomon's seal.    Native of Europe. Arching stems with white Hanging bells.   H.P. £6.95

Primula  Gold Laced  (Polyanthus) Deep red centres and gold lacing around edges.   H.P.  £4.95

Primula ‘Wanda ’ quaint, small purple flowers. H.P. £3.95

Primula vulgaris  'Dawn Ansell'    The old double Jack-in-the-green. Pretty cream double flowers. H.P.  £4.95

Pulmonaria  'Mournfull Purple'    Lovely long spotted leaves and dull purple flowers.   H.P.  £6.95

Ribes speciosum     6'. Native of California. A spiky evergreen shrub. Showy scarlet hanging flowers dangle along stems. Best grown against a wall.   I.1828   £6.95


We will be adding to the rose list throughout the season as more become available.

Rosa ‘Alberic Barbier’ Rambler. Lovely double creamy blooms which flower almost all year.Scented. 25ft. 1860  £9.50

Rosa ‘Albertine’ Rambler.     Lovely coppery-pink blooms with rich scent. 20ft. 1921.  £15.00

Rosa ‘Alexandre Girault’ Rambler, good for late flowers mine go right through to the first frosts.Very shiny leaves and lots of double pinky-red blooms. 20ft 1869.  £15.00

Rosa American Pillar.  1902  Rambler to 5m. Strong growing with single rich pink flowers with a white centre, very floriferous. Often seen in old cottage gardens and I know of a few derelict houses where it is still flowering away merrily. Quick to get going.  £15.00

Rosa banksiae var. normalis     Masses of single white, heavily scented blooms on arching stems. No thorns. Shelter. £16.50

Rosa banksiae Lutea Very pretty small double blooms with lovely perfume. Thornless good wall shrub for sheltered spot. Up to 30ft 1824.  £16.50

Rosa ‘Blush Noisette’ (Noisette) Climber. Flowers on and on well through the Autumn, pretty clusters of semi-double lilac-pink blooms with lovely scent. Mine is often still blooming at Christmas. 1817 or earlier.8ft.  £15.00

Rosa ‘Charles De Mills’ Gallica. One of my favourites, blooms are so full and closely packed, beautiful shape and a sumptious colour of rich purply-crimson. Beautiful scent too. C,1786 5x4ft. £15.00

Rosa  'Crimson Shower'    Rambler, lots of deep crimson double blooms. Late flowering, often a second flush. 15ft. 1951. £15.00

Rosa Du Maitre d'Ecole. Gallica 1m.  Beautiful free flowering blooms very full and heavily scented, gorgeous pink with a button eye. £16.50

Rosa F.J. Grootendorst.  1918  Rugosa, thorny shrub 2 -3m. Makes an attractive shrub flowering throughout Summer and Autumn. Lots of pretty reddish blooms with fringed like petals.   £15.00

Rosa The Fairy  1932  Dwarf polyantha. Pretty sprays of small double pink blooms, carries on through the season in mild weather. Low growing.  £10.00

Rosa  'Felicite et perpetue'     1827. Rambler. Large, vigorous semi-evergreen . One mass flowering of blush-pink  roses with a lovely sent. 20ft.  £16.50  

Rosa Filipes Kiftsgate  1954.  The very beautiful and very vigorous rambler, bearing huge white scented trusses in the Summer, single with golden stamens. Dynamic, needs lots of space to spread its wings. Followed by lots of small red hips in Autumn and winter. Can reach 40'. Can be pruned of course.   £15.00

Rosa Francois Juranville.  1906  Rambler to 6m  Clear pink double pretty blooms. Good scent.  £15.00

Rosa gallica officinalis  The Apothecary’s Rose. Known to be in cultivation since1310 .Strong perfume, magenta blooms with bright golden stamens. £16.50                                     

Rosa Gloire de France  1819  Very beautiful  full double blooms, rich pink fading at the edges to a paler shade.Lovely perfume. 2m  £15.00

Rosa Jacques Cartier (Portland) rosette-shaped blooms very full double in rich pink with delicious fragrance, in bloom right through till november 1868 4x3ft  £15.00

Rosa ‘Maiden’s Blush’ (Alba) Lovely old rose dating back before the 15th C. Double blush-pink blooms with strong fragrance. Greyish foliage. 5x4ft. £16.50

Rosa Paul's Himalayan Musk. Rambler . Thought to be around 19th C. Rampant climber up to 10 m.  Sprays of double pink sweetly scented blooms. Good for growing through trees. Always causes a sensation on sight.  £16.50

Rosa Seagull.  Rambler 1907  4m Lovely semi double white flowers with yellow stamens produced in large corymbs. Jasmine like scent. Lovely on frameworks.   £15.00

Rosa ‘Tuscany Superb’ Gallica. Beautiful deepest dark maroon with golden stamens, good fragrance. 1837 5x3ft.  £15.00

Rosa Viridiflora (China) 1855  Lovely unusual heads green with red markings which are bracts, mine are still in bloom now late November.  3' x 3'  £15.00

Rosa William Lobb. Old Velvet Moss  1855.  One of my favourites, deep musky perfume that keeps when picked, I use it to make pot-pouri. Tall grower up to 3m. I have mine scrambling up the apple trees. The purple flowers fade through to a greyish mauve.  £16.50

Roscoea procera    Lovely purple flowers.   H.P.   £6.95

Rubus spectabilis  'Olympic Double'    Deciduous shrub, pale green leaves and gorgeous double deep pink flowers, like miniature roses.   H.S. £7.95 

Rumex sanguineus var. sanguineus    Bloody dock. Dark green leaves with lovely red veining. Old pot herb.    H.P. £3.95

Salix magnifica  I. from China in 1901 by E.Wilson, a small tree with beautiful large grey-green leaves, catkins come through with leaves on red stems. Very showy.  H.T. £12.95 Sold out

Santolina chamaecyparissus ‘Small Ness’  Dwarf variety, compact aromatic growth, small yellow buttons. H.S. £3.95

Santolina rosmarinifolia ‘LemonFizz’  Golden aromatic  foliage, yellow flowers. Good evergreen for winter colour. H.S. £4.95

Santolina rosmarinifolia  White flowered. Rare form, Green aromatic foliage and milky-white buttons. H.S. £5.9

Sasa veitchii     Veitch’s bamboo    Dwarf up to 3’. Leaves have an attractive parchment edges in winter. Vigorous.   H.P. £7.95   

Schizostylis coccinea     Kaffir Lily.     November flowering. Satin-red flowers, clump forming. 2'. H.P.   £4.95

Seripbidium tridentatum  Lovely silver small upright shrub with unusual ridged leaves. Old gold yellow flowers. Out until November. H.P.£5.95                                                                    

  Soleirolia soleirolii     Mind your own business. Creeping green carpet for damp shade.    Good for Japanese gardens.       Please enquire for price on large quantities. H.P. £2.95 each

Solidago canadensis    Tall perennial, large sprays of golden flowers. Late season. 8 feet high. H.P.  £4.

Stipa gigantea    Golden oats. Evergreen perennial. Forms a tuft of narrow leaves, in summer produces tall stem with dangling golden heads. 8'.   H.P.  

Strobilanthes atropurpureus    Interesting perennial with purple ram’s horn-like blooms, textured foliage. 1½ ft    H.P.  £4.95

Symphytum ibericum  'Lilacinum'     Good ground cover, lilac and white hanging flowers.   H.P. £6.95

Symphytum officinale ochroleucum    Rare comfrey, bright green leaves and white flowers.   H.P. £8.50  

Tanacetum vulgare ‘Crispum’    Curled tansy   Grown since the late C16th, usual yellow button flowers. H.P. £ 4.95

Trachystemon orientalis    Beautiful patch forming perennial. Native of North Turkey and East Bulgaria. Grows in damp shady places. Early flowering blooms of purple-mauve and white, borage-like. Handsome large leaves.   H.P.  £6.95

Ulex europaeus ‘Flore Pleno’ The lovely double gorse flowers in early spring. Flowers resemble little yellow roses. H.S.     £8.95

Verbena bonariensis. A tall elegant perennial with deep purple flowers late summer through till Autumn. Impressive en-mass. Introduced 1726  £5.95

Vinca difformis  Largish leaves and milky pale blue flowers, uncommon. H.P. £6.50

Vinca major    Greater periwinkle. Large glossy leaves. Trailing arching stems and blue flowers. H.P. £4.95 

Vinca major ssp. hirsuta    Uncommon form with dark purple stars.   H.P.   £6.50

Vinca minor  'Alba Variegata'    Small leaves with yellow variegations. White flowers.   H.P. £4.95 

Vinca minor  'Gertrude Jekyll'    Old variety. Dark green leaves and white flowers.   Victorian. H.P. £6.50

                    Viola Parma          The Parma Violet   HHP.

                    Plants need sheltered shade in Summer and Winter sun and protection for Winter time.    All £5.95 each


                    D'Undine  1903  from Italy.  Has lovely  large double long stemmed deep blue with white centre flowers, good scent.

                    Duchess de Parme. 1870  pretty double  lavender flowers that are richly scented. Flowers late Winter to early Spring.

                    Hopleys White.  Modern.  Lovely double white scented flowers.

                    Lady Hume Campbell  1875.  Lovely lavender-mauve double blooms with white centres, strongly scented. Very choice.

                    Marie Louise   1865   Richly scented purple double flowers with some white at the base.

                    Neopolitan     18th C   Good scent, double pale lavender flowers. Thought to be the original Parma.

                    Parme de Tolouse. Lovely double mauve perfumed flowers.

                    Swanley White or Comte Brazza  1883  Pure double white with a wonderful sweet scent.

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