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 We are a small nursery producing small numbers of many rare plants and so not all varieties are available at all times and the size of plant may also vary. If you would like to order any plants - select your plants, write out your order and send to the postal address, together with SAE. We will then let you know what is currently available, the cost and delivery charges. If you then wish to go ahead you can send a cheque and the order will be dispatched. Alternatively you can send an open cheque (see Mail Order page) with the initial order request and this can be filled in with what is in stock up to your stated limit. The online Catalogue is divided into two sections :

Catalogue - section 1 - herbs, wild flowers and native species

Catalogue - section 2 - herbaceous perennials, trees, shrubs, and grasses

Catalogue - section 3 - Seed List


Key to Abbreviations
A = Annual     B = Biennial
H.H.P. = Half Hardy Perennial      T.S. = Tender Shrub      T.T. = Tender Tree
H.P. = Hardy Perennial      H.S. = Hardy Shrub      H.T. = Hardy Tree     H.C. = Hardy Climber


Postal Address : Felin Wern, Gilfachreda, Ceredigion, SA459SW
Telephone : 01545 580893

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These Plant Lists online cancel all previous published lists and catalogues. Please note any changes to availability.



The medicinal and insecticidal information given for certain herbs in this online list is included for historical interest only. We cannot recommend anything as the U.K. law limits what uses we may suggest for plants, that may have been used by native populations for many centuries. Please take care if making your own medicines, cosmetics or garden products and always use a good and comprehensive reference book, or seek professional guidance. Do not attempt to use any poisonous plants medicinally at home.



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