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Herbs, wild flowers and native species

Achillea ageratum    English mace    Flavouring for casseroles. Grown since the 17th C. H.P.    £3.95

Achillea millifolium     yarrow     Used for toothache and fevers. H.P. In gardens since 1400. H.P.    £3.95                                

Adoxa moschatellina     moschatel     Native. Ground cover. Known as Town Clock because of the four sided flower head. Likes shade.                                           H.P. .£4.50

Agrimonia eupatoria      agrimony  Attractive native with lovely cut foliage and tall spikes of yellow flowers. The Anglo-Saxons used it for wounds, snake bites and warts. Healing herb, used for gallstones, aids digestion. H.P.£3.95

Ajuga reptans     bugle     Native. Ground cover for shade. Pretty blue pyramids. Used for coughs. H.P.£1.95

Alliaria petiolata     garlic mustard     Wild flower. Found in hedgebanks, upright growth, white flowers. Use leaves for garlic flavouring. H.B  £3.95

Allium ampelpoprasum     wild leek     Rare wild flower with mauve rounded flower heads. From S.Europe in Britian since AD 1000. Tall Growing. H.P. £5.95

Allium babingtonii     Babington's leek     Rare wild flower. H.P.£5.95

Allium cepa 'Proliferum'     tree onion     Cocktail onions on top of stems. H.P. £3.95

Allium oleraceum. Field Garlic. Rare wild flower. H.P. £5.95

Allium schoenoprasum     chives   Grown since Medieval times.  Good on new potatoes, cheese dishes, salads and any savoury dishes. H.P. £2.95

Allium schoenoprasum ‘Forscate’    giant chives    Deep pink flowers. H.P. £2.95

Allium tuberosum     garlic chives Flat leaves, white flowers. Garlic flavoured leaves, use as for ordinary chives. H.P.£2.95

Allium ursinum     ramsons     Roman garlic. Ideal naturalising for shade. Low growing with white rounded heads.  £3.95

Allium vineale     crow garlic     Wild flower. H.P.£5.95

Aloysia triphylla     lemon verbena     Wonderful scent. Introduced into England in 1784. From Chile and Peru. Use the leaves in stuffing’s, biscuits, pot pouri. Med sized shrub for a sheltered spot. T.S. £4.95                                                    

Althea officinalis     marshmallow     Leaves used for swellings and inflammation. Roots used for croaky throats and bad chests. Tall native used frequently in Medieval gardens. £5.95

Anacamptis pyramidalis The Pyramidal orchid. Conical bright pink flower head. Native,   £19  Sold out

Anemone nemorosa     wood anemone     Woodland native. White flowers. H.P..£3.95

Angelica archangelica     angelica     Impressive plant. Add to stewed fruit to aid digestion. Stems used for 

candying. Used since Medieval times. £3.95

 Angelica sylvestris     wood angelica     Native. Tall. H.B.  £4.95   

Anthemis tintoria.    Dyers Chamomile. Produces a yellow dye. H.P.  Tall stems with yellow daises. £3.95

Arctium lappa    Burdock    Large native. Edible young stems. Help with skin diseases.   H.B. £4.95

Armoracia rusticana     Horseradish     For sauce grate fresh roots.    H.P.  £4.95

Armoracia rusticana ‘Variegata’ Variegated horseradish, large leaves nicely splashed with creamy-white. Roots can be used the same. H.P. £6.95

Artemisia abrotanum     Southernwood  “Lads Love” upright shrub with  Fruity scented foliage. Once used by country lads to promote the growth of their beards. This I’m told works equally well on the head, well worth a try if balding is a problem.  H.S. £3.95

Artemisia absinthium     Wormwood     Bitter tonic, strengthens the stomach.   H.P. £3.95

Artemisia dracunculus     French tarragon     Classic herb of sauces, soups etc.   H.H.P. £2.00

Artemisia vulgaris     Mugwort     Tall cut-leaf plant. Repels moths.   H.P.. £4.95

Arum maculatum     Cuckoo pint. Lords and Ladies.    Native. Bulbs once used as a starch.  Poisonous.    H.P.  £3.95

Aster novi-belgii     Wild Michaelmas daisy. Med-tall perennial with mauve flowers.    H.P.£4.95

Aster tripolium     Sea aster. Native.    Fleshy leaves, pale pink flowers.    H.P. £5.95

Asplenium ceterach The Rusty Back Fern. Native, Pretty cut leaves, low growing, good on walls. H.P. £6.95

Astrantia major     Masterwort   Grown in the Tudor garden. H.P. £4.95

Atriplex hortensis  'Rubra'     Red orach    Tall decorative red leaved plant, eat like spinach. Seeds freely. Grown in the Tudor garden. H.A.  £3

Beta vulgaris  Sea Beet. Delicious wild perennial vegetable. Glossy dark green leaves can be added to  quiches, omelettes, stir fries or just steamed. H.P. £5.95

Borago officinalis     Borage     Leaves for salads. Blue star flowers in drinks. Thought to be introduced by the Romans, now considered native. H.A.  £1.95

Borago officinalis    'Alba'    White flowered form of above.   H.A.  £3.95

 Brassica Kale Daubenton's Perennial. Old Victorian variety, very hardy, all year around growth very tender.

a must for the period veg garden. H.P. £6.95 sold out

Buxus sempervirens     Box    Evergreen aromatic shrub.   H.S.  Please enquire, different sizes available.

Calendula officinalis     Pot marigold     Healing herb, stops bleeding, Edible. Add petals to salads.  H.A..  £1.95

Campanula trachelium     Nettle leaved bellflower. Native. Grown in the 16th C garden.    Violet-blue flowers. Upright.    H.P.  £4.95

Cardamine pratensis     Lady's smock. Native Wild flower. Mauve-pink flowers. Grown in gardens since the 16thC.   H.P.  £3.95

Carum carvi    Caraway     Seeds used in casseroles, breads and cakes. In use since the ancient Arabs, used

through the Middle ages. Seeds found in  prehistoric sites. £1.95                 

Chamaemelum nobile     Chamomile. Used over many centuries.   Use flowers for tea, hair & skin & sleep. In Medieval times it was used as a turf and a medicinal plant.  H.P.  £1.95

Chamaemelum nobile  'Treneague'     Non-flowering lawn chamomile     H.P.   50 plantlets /100 plantlets available for a discount. £1.50 per plant.

Chelidonium majus     Greater celandine     Native, attractive foliage, yellow flowers. Grown in gardens since the 15thC.  H.P.  £3.95

Chenopodium bonus-henricus    Good King Henry    Perennial to use like spinach. Introduced from the continent in the early middle ages.  H.P. £4.95

Cichorium intybus     Chicory     Wild flower. Roasted roots substitute for coffee.   H.P.  £3.95

Circaea lutetiana     Enchanters nightshade     Native. Delicate white flowers.    H.P.  £1.50

Claytonia perfoliata     Spring beauty     Wild flower, white flowers.    H.P.  £3.50

Clematis vitalba     Traveller's joy     White flowers, fluffy seed heads.  Native. H.C. £5.95 

Convallaria majalis     Lily of the valley     Lovely scent.   H.P.£2.95

Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora    Montbretia     Wild flower. Bright orange flowers late.   H.P.£3.95

Cymbalaria muralis     Ivy-leaved toadflax     Grows on walls.   H.P. £1.95

Cynara cardunculus scolymus  'Green Globe'     Globe artichoke     H.P.  £5.95

Dactylorhiza fuchsii     Common spotted orchid.    H.P. £15

Daucus carota    Wild carrot.    Native.   H.B. £2.95

Dianthus armeria     Deptford pink. Rare  wild flower. Deep pink flowers on long wiry stems. Once planted seeds freely. H.B. £5.95

Digitalis purpurea     Wild foxglove     H.B. £2.95   White form H.B.  £4.95

Dipsacus fullonum     Teasel     Decorative heads. Used to raise the knap of woollen fleeces. Seeds attract goldfinches.  H.B.  £1.95

Epipactis helleborine Native with broad leaves, flower spike variable creamy-green to pinky-brown. Shade. Will grow in slightly acid soil but prefers clay soil. H.P. £16.00  sold out

Epipactis palustris     Marsh hellorborine     Native  Moist soil sun or shade.H.P. £9.50 sold out

Eupatorium cannabinum     Hemp agrimony     Native. Moist soil.   H.P  £3.95

Euphorbia portlandica     Portland spurge.     Native.   H.P.  £6.50

Filipendula ulmaria     Meadowsweet     Native. Honey scented cream flowers.   H.P.  £3.95

Filipendula ulmaria "Corinne Tremaine" My own variety, Decorative fine cut foliage, flowers as above £6.95

Filipendula vulgaris     Dropwort      Once used for kidney infections.   H.P.  £3.95

Foeniculum vulgare     Fennel     Use with fish, sources, salads. Tall anise scented. Seeds clean the breath and stay the appetite.  H.P.  £1.95

Foeniculum vulgare   'Purpureum'    Bronze fennel     Decorative.   H.P. £2.95

Fragaria vesca     Wild strawberry     Native.   H.P.  £3.95

Fragaria vesca   'Monophylla'    One leaf strawberry    H.P.  £5.95

Fragaria vesca   'Pinapple Crush'    White fruits, pineapple flavoured. Rare  H.P.  £5.95

Galanthus nivalis Common snowdrop,naturalized wild flower, grown since the medieval period. £3.95

Galega officinalis  ‘Alba’  White form of Goat's rue, pretty border plant.    Makes an excellent footbath.    H.P.  £3.95

Galium odoratum     Woodruff    Native. Good ground cover for shade.   H.P   £2.95

Galium verum  Lady’s Bedstraw. Native plant of creeping habit, with deep golden flowers. Once used for stuffing beds, in the 16thC. It was used as a cheese rennet. The Tudor females dyed their hair with it .H.P. £2.95

Geranium pratense     Meadow cranesbill     Old meadowland flower. Native.   H.P. £5.95

Geranium robertianum     Alba, white form of herb Robert. H.P.  £3.95

Geranium sanguineum  Bloody Cranesbill  native of lime rich soil, low growing with showy magenta-pink flowers. Grown in gardens since the late 16thC. H.P. £4.94

Geum rivale  Water Avens, native of wetlands. Drooping bell-like flowers of a purplish hue. Roots have tonic and astringent properties. Grown in the 16thC. Garden. H.P. £4.95

Geum rivale ‘Album’. White form of the above also grown since the 16thC. £4.95

Geum urbanum    Herb Bennet    Native. Once used to flavour ale.   H.P.   £1.95

Glechoma hederacea     Alehoof     Native. Creeping perennial with pretty purple flowers. Good for bankings and hanging down walls. Used for ringing in the ears. The early Saxons used the aromatic plant to clarify beer, hence the name this method was used up to the reign of Henry VIII. H.P. £1.95

Helichrysum italicum     Curry plant     Silver evergreen, curry scented.    H.S.  £1.95

Herniaria glabra     Rupturwort     Prostrate, rare native.    H.P.  £4.95

Hesperis matronalis  Sweet Rocket  Naturalized wild flower from S.Europe. Pretty biennial with either white or mauve sweetly scented flowers. Widely grown since the 15thC. Also the Medieval period. H.B. £5.95

Hyacinthoides non-scripta    Bluebell    Native woodland plant.   H.P.  £1.95

Hypericum perfoliatum     St John's wort     H.P. £1.95

Inula helenium     Elecampane     Monks used roots to make a cordial.   H.P. £5.95

Iris foetidissima     Gladwyn iris.     H.P.£4.95

Iris foetidissima  'Variegata'    H.P. £5.95

Iris pseudoacornus     Flag iris     Native of wetlands. Scented yellow flowers. 2'-6'. Moist soil.   H.P. £4.95

Isatis tinctoria     Woad    Native. Used by the ancient Britons for body paint.   H.P. £2.95

Knautia arvensis Field Scabious. Native attractive plants with a wealth of lilac-mauve pincushion-like flowers late summer. Forms good sized clumps upto about 3ft.H. H.P. £3.95

Lavendula dentata     Toothed grey aromatic foliage       H.S.  £4.95

Leonurus cardiaca          Motherwort     Relieves pains in childbirth.    H.P. £3.95

Leucanthemum vulgare     Ox eye daisy     Native.   H.P.£2.95

Leucojun aestivum    Summer snowflake    Rare in the wild. Tall stems with white bells with green tips. Grown since the late C16th.   H.P.£5.95

Leucojum vernum Spring Snowflake Naturalized in many places but thought to be only a native in the Somerset and Dorset areas. Bulbous plants with glossy strap-like leaves, hanging white bells with greenish tips. In gardens by the late 16thC. H.P. £5.95

Levisticum officinale     Lovage     Celery flavoured, add to salads, cheese dishes.   H.P.  £2.95

Linaria purpurea          Purple toadflax     Wild flower. Attractive to moths, butterflies and bees.  H.P.  £2.95

Linaria repens          Pale toadflax     Very pretty wild flower.    H.P. £2.95

Linaria vulgaris          Toadflax     Native.   H.P  £2.95

Lonicera perichymenum     Wild honeysuckle     H.C  £4.95

Lychnis flos-cuculi          Ragged Robin     H.P.£3.95

Lychnis flos-cuculi albiflora    White ragged Robin    White flowering form of the above.   H.P. £4.95

Lychnis viscaria          Sticky catchfly     Wild flower. Lovely.    H.P. £4.95

Lycium barbarum from Tibet. Goji Berry, very popular health food, full of vitamin C, said to counteract the effects of chemotherapy. H.C.  Ready Spring. £7.95

Lysimachia nummularia     Creeping Jenny     Moist soil. Ground cover.    H.P. £2.95

Lysimachia vulgaris          Yellow loosestrife.     Said to drive away gnats and flies.   H.P.  £3.95

Lythrum salicaria          Purple loosestrife     Lovely native.   H.P.£3.95

Meconopsis cambrica          Welsh poppy     Yellow flowers.   H.P.£3.9

Melilotus officinalis     Yellow melilot     Native.  Med-tall with small leaves and spikes of yellow flowers. In China it is used as an incense. Externally used for swellings, old sores, boils, arthritis and rhumatic joints. Internally for stomach problems, colic. Smoked to ease asthma. H.B. £1.95

Melissa officinalis          Lemon balm     Make melissa tea for nervous tension.   H.P. £1.50

Melissa officinalis  'Aurea'     Variegated form.   H.P.  £1.95


Mentha aquatica     water mint     Bergamot scent. Helps keep ponds clear.   H.P.  £1.95

Mentha × gracilis  'Variegata'    variegated ginger mint     Spicy scent, yellow stripes.   H.P.  £1.95

Mentha longifolia  'Buddleia'    Buddleia mint     Tall, attractive flower heads. Vigorous.   H.P. £1.95

Mentha × piperita    peppermint    H.P. £1.95

Mentha × piperita citrata    Eau-de-Cologne mint     Great for scenting linen.   H.P.  £1.95

Mentha pulegium  'Upright'    upright pennyroyal     Upright form of the creeping pennyroyal.  H.P.  £1.95

Mentha spicata     spearmint     H.P. £1.95

Mentha spicata  'Moroccan'    Moroccan mint     Best mint tea plant.   H.P.  £1.95

Mentha spicata  'Tashkent'    Tashkent mint    Slightly curled foliage.   H.P. £1.95

Mentha suaveolens  'Variegata'    variegated apple mint or pineapple mint     Decorative.   H.P.  £1.95

Mentha × villosa alopecuroides    Bowles' mint     Said to be the best form for mint sauce.   H.P. £1.95

[for more information on mints visit]


Mercurialis perennis     Dog's mercury      Native woodland plant.    H.P. £3.95

Myrtus communis     Myrtle.     Aromatic foliage. Pretty white flowers.   H.S.  £4.95

Nasturtium officinale     Watercress     Native.   H.P. £3.95

Nepeta cataria     Catnep     Cats love to roll in it , then become completely daft. H.P.  £2.95

Nepeta cataria var Citriodora.  Lemon scented form of the above  £3.95

Oenothera biennis     Evening primrose     Native.   H.B.  £3.95

Orchis mascula  Native Early purple orchid. Beautiful deep purple heads early in the year.   £18.50

Origanum leavigatum     Pretty purple flowers, aromatic foliage.   H.P.  £1.95

Origanum marjorana     Sweet marjoram     Wonderful flavour.   H.H.P  £1.95

Origanum vulgare     Oregano     Good in Italian cooking.    H.P. £1.95

Origanum vulgare  'Aureum'    Golden marjoram     Decorative.   H.P.  £1.95

Origanum vulgare  'Acorn Bank'    Good tidy form, golden foliage.   H.P. £1.95

Origanum vulgare  'Gold Tip'    Ornamental.   H.P.  £1.95

Ornithogalum longibracteatum    Sea onion or pregnant onion    Rare bulbous perennial, baby bulbs spring from bulges in the side of the bulb. Can be made into an ointment for persistent sores. Ideal house or conservatory plant.   T.P.  £5.95

Oxalis acetosella     wood sorrel     Native. Leaves can be eaten.    H.P.  £3.95

Parietaria judaica     pellitory of the wall     Infusion for gravel and kidney complaints.   H.P. £5.95

Paris quadrifolia     herb Paris     Rare native. Lime loving, shade. Once used as a poison on arrowheads.   H.P. £8.95

Parnassia palustris     grass of Parnassus     Native.   H. P.  £6.95  sold out

Petroselinum crispum    French    French parsley    Plain leaved. Good flavour.   H.B.  £2.50

Petroselinum crispum    Italian    Italian parsley    Giant plain leaved form.   H.B.  £2.50

Picris echiodes     bristly ox-tongue     Native.   H.P  £3.95

Pilosella aurantiaca Orange Hawkweed ‘Fox and Cubs’. Widely naturalized, from N.Europe. Can often be seen on roadsides, it’s glowing red-orange flowerheads will catch your eye as you sail past. Used in gardens since 1600. H.P. £3.95 

Polemonium caeruleun     Jacob's ladder     H.P.  £3.95

Polygonatum multiflorum  Native. Low growing with arching stems, hanging creamy bells. Used throughout history as a healing plant. H.P.  £8.95

Potentilla anserina     silverweed     Native. Infusion for gargling, for sore throats.  Good for fading freckles. H.P.   £1.95

Potentilla sterilis     barren strawberry     Native.  Hairy leaves and pretty little white flowers. Good on banks. H.P. £3.95                                                                      

Primula elatior Oxslip. Pale yellow flowers on a one sided stem. Native.      Uncommon in the wild, these days. H.P. £4.95  Sold out

Primula veris    cowslip    Once used for wines and conserves.   H.P.  £2.95

Primula vulgaris     primrose     Old medicinal plant.    H.P.  £2.95

Prunella vulgaris     self heal     Old healing herb. Gargle for sore throats.   H.P.  £2.95

Prunella vulgaris alba    White flowering form of above.   H.P.   £3.95

Pyrola rotundifolia     Round leaved wintergreen     Rare native.   H.P.  £9.50 Sold out this Spring.

Ranunculus ficaria     Lesser celandine     Used for an ointment for piles.    H.P.  £1.95

RRosmarinus officinalis     Common rosemary     Cultivated since the 16th Century in Britain.

The plant of remembrance.

Rosmarinus officinalis "Aureus'  The Guilded Rosemary . 17th Century variety, beautifull gold variegations on        .

leaves.  Very Hardy.  scarce. £7.95

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Blue Lagoon’ Short spiky foliage on an arching and creeping bush, deep

blue flowers. H.S.  £5.95

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Cottage White’ Bushy growth and lovely white flowers. H.S.  £5.95

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Joyce DeBaggio’ Good bushy plants, which have golden new growth, blue flowers. Rare. H.S.  £5.95

Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Lockwood de Forest’ Prostrate form great for hanging down walls, can spread 6-8ft.Bright green needle-like foliage and pale blue flowers. H.S. £5.95

Rosmarinus ‘Majorca Pink’ Short spiky foliage and pretty pale pink flowers. H.S. £5.95

Rosmarinus ‘McConnells Blue’ Deep blue flowers, semi-prostrate growth. H.S.  £5.95

Rosmarinus officinalis  'Roseus'     Pink flowering form.    H.S.   £5.95

Rosmarinus officinalis  Prostratus 'Seven Seas'    Bright blue flowers.   H.S.   £5.95. 

Rumex acetosa    Sorrel    Use in soups, salads, flans, quiches, etc.   H.P.  £1.95

Rumex sanguineus var. sanguineus    Bloody dock    Old pot herb.   H.P.  £3.95 

Ruta graveolens  'Jackman's Blue'    Best form.   H.S.   £3.95

Salvia officinalis     Sage    Sage tea is a good blood cleanser.   H.S.  £1.95

Salvia officinalis  'Berggarten'     Huge leaves, stay on in winter, if not too exposed   H.S.  £3.95

Salvia officinalis  'Purpurescens'     Purple sage         H.S.  £1.95

Salvia sclarea     Clary sage     Introduced into Britain in 1562. Once used to clear the eyes of impurities, hence the old name "clear eye".   H.B.  £2.95

Sambucus niger     Common elder     Used for centuries steeped in history. Plant to guard against lightning and evil spirits. Use leaves to relieve sun-burn. Flowers make soothing skin tonic, excellent fritters and elderflower champagne.  The following form only available.

Sambucus niger  'Cae Rhos Lligwy'    Our own cultivar. Unusual form with green berries, of good flavour. Makes excellent wine. Rare.   H.S   £8.95  Should be available next year again.

Sanguisorba minor  Salad Burnet. Pretty crinkly grey-green foliage, with a cucumber taste. Used in salads, soups, stuffing’s. Native grown since Medieval times as a culinary herb. H.P. £1.95

Santolina chamaecyparissus    Cotton lavender    Silver foliage. Bright yellow flowers.   H.S.  £1.95

Santolina pinnata ssp. neopolitana    Grey foliage, cream flowers.   H.S.   £3.95

Santolina rosmarinifolia White flowered. Rare white flowered form. Dark green aromatic foliage. H.S £6.95

Santolina rosmarinifolia ssp romarinifolia. Green foliage and lemon buttons, all santolinas look good planted at the front or edge of borders where they will give a softening effect. Introduced in the 18thC. H.S. £5.95

Saponaria officinalis     Soapwort     Much favoured in Victorian times for washing fine materials. Patch forming, pretty pink flowers.   H.P. 3..95 

Saponaria officinalis  'Rosea Plena'     Double pink flowers. Old favourite.   H.P. £4.95

Satureja montana     Winter savory     Evergreen small shrub. Flavour bean dishes and casseroles. H.S.  £1.95

Scabiosa columbaria Small scabious. Pretty native, grey-green leaves and mauve pincushions in summer, low growing. Lime loving. H.P. £3.95

Scrophularia auriculata    Water figwort    Native of moist soil.   H.P.  £3.95

Scrophularia nodosa     Common figwort     The bruised leaves used for swellings and burns, also for sprains and warts.   H.P. 3.95  

Sempervivum tectorum     Houseleek     Naturally refrigerant leaves, use to cool stings and bites. H.P.  £1.50   

Silene dioica    Red campion    Wild flower.   H.P.  £2.95    

Silene vulgaris Bladder campion  native, greyish leaves and pretty white inflated flowers. H.P. £3.95

Solidago virgaurea     Golden rod     Native. Leaves and flowers yield a yellow dye. Used for stone in the bladder.   H.P.   £4.95

Stachys officinalis     Betony     Betony tea taken as a tonic and to relieve headaches.   H.P.  £3.95

Stachys sylvatica     Hedge woundwort     Native.   H.P.  £2.95

Stellaria holostea     Greater stitchwort    Native hedgerow plant.   H.P.  £2.95

Succisa pratensis     Devil's bit scabious     Native. Purple pincushion flowers.   H.P.  £4.95

Symphytum officinale  Bristly perennial with large leaves and tall stems of pale pink or white or purple flowers. Found near water and wet ground. Roots and leaves used medicinally. Externally applied to sprains, bruises and swellings. H.P. £3.95

Symphytum tuberosum Tuberous comfrey. Patch forming, low growing, cream flowers. H.P. £4.95

Symphytum x uplandicum     Russian comfrey     An infusion is good for spotty skin. High in allantoin and protein. Poultice of leaved beneficial for

arthritic and rheumatic pain.   H.P.  £3.95 

Smyrnium olusatrum  Alexanders Intoduced by the Romans but naturalized around our coast. Very glossy dark green leaves and yellow flower heads early in the year. Leaves can be eaten in soups, casseroles etc. Stems can be steamed like asparagus and served with butter. A local chef serves it steamed with fresh fish. Very aromatic. Seeds freely. H.B.   £3.95   

Tanacetum balsamita ssp balsamita. Alecost or Bible leaf as above but leaves have a sweet balsam fragrance. Thought to be introduced before AD 1000. Commonly found in most gardens in the 16thC. Once used medicinally also made into ointments. H.P. £3.95

Tanacetum parthenium     Feverfew     Eat three fresh leaves a day for relief from arthritic pain, preventative not cure must be taken every day to work. Also helps relieve migraine and headaches.   H.P. £1.95  

Tanacetum parthenium  'Aureum'     Golden feverfew      Decorative golden foliage.    H.P.  £1.95

Tanacetum vulgare     Tansy    Said to keep flies away.   H.P.  £1.95

Teucrium scorodonia     Wood sage     Native. Good spring tonic.    H.P.  £3.95

Teucrium scorodonia  'Crispum'     Pretty crinkly edged form.    H.P.  £3.95

Thymus  'Fragrantissimus'    Orange thyme   H.S.  £1.95

Thymus drucei sudsp. arcticus    Wild thyme    Take an infusion for nightmares.   H.S.  £1.95  sold out

Thymus vulgaris     Common thyme     Culinary thyme.   H.S. £1.95


Tussilago farfara     Coltsfoot     Used in cough syrups. Native.    H.P. £3.95

Umbilicus rupestris     Pennywort     Native. Succulent leaves can be used on warts. Once used for eye infections.   H.P.  £2.95

Valeriana officinalis     Valerian     Aromatic root used as a nervine. Helps relaxation and tension. H.P.   £3.95

Verbascum blattaria     Moth mullien     Native. Shiny leaves and spikes of yellow flowers with purple  Stamens.   H.B.  £4.95

Verbena officinalis     Vervain     Native. Used to treat headaches, fevers and rheumatism.   H.P.  £3.95

Veronica beccabunga     Brooklime     Native. Infusion makes good blood cleanser.   H.P.  £2.95

Veronica spicata     Spiked speedwell .  £3.95

Veronica spicata subsp.hybrida   Rare native. Short growth, greyish-green and hairy leaves. Spikes of dark purple flowers. Lime. H.P. £6.95

Vinca major    Greater periwinkle    Used today in the treatment of diabetes. Once used to cure cramps and inflamed skin. Good ground cover for shade.   H.P. £3.95

Viola odorata    Sweet violet    Native. Crystallise the flowers for cake decoration. A popular plant in the Medieval garden. Good in shade. H.P. £4.95    

Viola riviniana     Dog's violet     Native. Blue-violet flowers.    H.P. £2.95

Viola rupestris rosea    Pink Teasdale violet    Rare.    H.P.  £4.95  



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