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Catalogue - section 1 - herbs, wild flowers and native species

Catalogue - section 2 - herbaceous perennials, trees, shrubs, and grasses

Seed List

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Agrimony  (agrimonia eupatoria)                              £2.00  PKT   For seed order only upto 6 pkts please add £1.50 for p/p

Angelica wild (Angelica sylvestris)                           £2.00           up to 12 pkts please add £2.50 p/p. Upwards of this add £3                   

Bellflower Nettle-leaved (campanula trachelium)      £2.00   

Bloody Dock (rumex sanguineus var. sanguineus) £2.50   

Deptford Pink (dianthus armeria)  Rare                  £2.95

Diarama pulcherium                                                 £2.00   

Dill (anethum graveolens)                                        £1.50   

Field Scabious (knautia arvensis)                            £2.00   

Goats Rue (galega officinalis alba) White form         £2.50   

Inula magnifica                                                         £2.95   

Lilium nepalense                                                      £2.95   

Lovage (levisticum officinale)                                   £2.00   

Meadowsweet (filipendula ulmaria)                          £2.00   

Meadowseet variegated                                           £2.95   

Moth Mullien white (verbascum blattaria alba)       £2.50   

Papaya (carica papaya) Tropical needs heat.          £2.50  

Red Orach (atriplex hortensis rubra)                        £2.00   

Sea beet (beta vulgaris ssp. Maritima)                     £2.50   

Soapwort (saponaria officinalis)                               £2.00   

Sorrel (rumex asetosa)                                             £2.00   

Toadflax  Pale (linaria repens)                                  £2.95   

Toadfax Purple (linaria purpurea)                            £2.50   

Tree Paeony yellow (paeonia lutea)                         £2.95   

Welsh poppy (meconopsis cambrica)                      £2.00   

Wild carrot (daucus carota)                                      £2.50   

Wood sage (teucrium scorodonia)                            £2.95   

Yellow Melilot (melilotus officinalis)                          £2.00   



Catalogue - section 1 - Herbs, wild flowers and native species

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